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Mariscos Los Corales began on 90's years, opened the doors to a very small place(Seafood Catering), in the beginning started in Santa Ana downtown, with just some cocktails and ceviche tostadas after a few moths they included the hot dishes, it soon became the specialty of the house.


After couple years, the business grew and by approving  a loan began the building of new premises of Mariscos Los Corales, on 90's is when it officially begins the story of Mariscos Los Corales.


From this moment, the menu grew to welcome dishes like Empanadas(Shrimps Empanadas), Camarones al Veneno(Hot Poison Shrimps), Pescado Sarandeado and others to 2003 Mariscos Los Corales and was a favorite among locals and surrounding,  Santa Ana and Orange County CA.


Already established in the restaurant and watching Harbor St demand that existed in 2004 was created Mariscos Los Corales 17St, becoming quickly in the darlings of the people, thanks to good and varied dishes 


Thus Mariscos Los Corales has 2 locations in Santa Ana and Fountain Valley California, each with a unique and special atmosphere.